Mercy Street opening credit sequence

Now that the new PBS show Mercy Street has aired, I can finally share that I had a hand in creating the opening title sequence (see my blog post from last year). While the show provided the character and location video used in the titles, all the other overlay elements had to be generated, which is where I came in.

Rather than create everything in the computer, we instead shot as much as we could practically. That is one of the calling cards of production company Elastic, who has also provided opening credits for other shows such as Game of Thrones, True Detective (winning the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design), and Marvel's Daredevil.

Bottle elements shot by me.

Shot practically, printed out on back lit paper. We did a practical slice in the paper as well, but I'm not sure if they used our practical take or added the cut in post.

Why yes, I did shoot the saw blade and the surgical instruments.

Another back lit paper shot (see my blog post). Again, I'm not certain if they used the take where we actually sliced the paper or if it's a post effect.

The least impressive of my contributions. I shot the glass texture that overlays the image.

Sorry about the terrible quality of this picture. I had to photograph the screen of my TV with my phone, as this frame wasn't included in the video I pulled screengrabs from for the other pictures. I shot the medical instruments.

One more terrible phone photo, so please excuse the poor color balance, etc. This image runs at the top and end of the show with the sponsors overlayed, but I shot the background lace curtain element.

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