Leaving With Me - Reuben Cannon music video Kickstarter campaign

A few months ago I helped out another musician I know with a Kickstarter campaign.  I shot some interview segments for his pitch video.  It was a very simple lighting setup and we shot on the Canon 60D with Canon EF lenses.  Unfortunately, I didn't grab any of the original footage, so had to settle for low-res, highly compressed frame grabs for the pictures below (apparently they didn't save the original files).  I was pleased to see the campaign go on to raise the funds they sought and hope they get a great music video out of it.


Mr. Bollywood - Welcome to 7 Eleven music video

My roommate is a musician and wrote a comedy song about being from India, coming to America, and trying to live the American dream.  He wanted to shoot a music video for his song, so I gave him a hand.  We shot the majority of the video in one night, with a few hours of shooting at other locations on a separate day.  Shot partially on a Canon 60D, partially on RED Epic MX on Canon lenses.  Frame grabs below are my own color grade, as I wasn't too happy with the post work on the actual video.


---SOLD--- RED Dragon for rent ---SOLD---

My business partner on the RED Dragon decided to get out of the rental market, so we ended up selling the camera. I still have the other items for rent.

You may have noticed that I've been enjoying my RED Dragon upgrade.  I'm extremely happy with the new sensor and am loving the images it acquires.  If you're looking to shoot on the Dragon for your next production, get in touch with me.  Check out the details below.

RED Dragon Kit:

  • RED Epic Dragon
  • DSMC SSD side module
  • Titanium PL and Titanium Canon mounts
  • DSMC side handle
  • 5" Touch LCD w/ 12" and 18" LCD cables
  • (3x) 128GB REDMag SSD
  • Wooden Camera top plate
  • RED sliding top handle
  • DSMC top mount (19mm rod compatible)
  • Viewfactor riser plate with 15mm lightweight adaptor
  • 15mm rods (6" carbon fiber)
  • Element Technica hybrid plate for 19mm rods
  • 19mm rods (6" and 15" steel)
  • Element Technica 12" dovetail
  • RED quick release V-Mount battery plate
  • (4x) RED Bricks
  • (4x) REDVolt
  • RED V-Mount charger
  • DSMC travel charger
  • AC power adaptor
  • REDMote
  • RED BNC breakout cable
  • Wooden Camera side cheese plate
  • Cinevate 19mm follow focus (single sided)
  • RED Station REDMag SSD reader (USB3/FW800)
  • (2x) RED accessory attachment bracket
  • Manfrotto 509HD head (100mm half-ball)
  • Manfrotto MPRO carbon fiber 3-stage tripod (100mm bowl)


Additional items for rent:

$75/day Dana Dolly
$225/day Teradek Bolt 600 HDMI/SDI (add 2nd RX for $50)
$75/day SmallHD DP7 LCD monitor with ultralight arm
$175/day Sony CineAlta T2 Prime Lens set (20/25/35/50/85/135)

Insurance is mandatory to rent.  If you're shooting on a tight budget, let me know, as I'll do my best to work out a deal that is mutually beneficial.

Also, if you need any production crew, I have a ton of contacts in various departments.  If you already have a DP in mind, that's fine.  I can also camera operate or DIT if you're in need, or you can just rent my camera.

Willing to travel for jobs and I have a current passport.

If you need to rent other accessories and equipment that I don't have, I can help.  I have a good relationship with several rental houses and can get you good deals.


Starship: Rising

About a year and a half ago, I shot two science fiction features simultaneously.  The first of the two, Starship: Rising, finally made it through post and is finished.  It was made with a tiny crew and we shot the two films in less than a month (plus a couple pickup days since then).  There was a ton of green screen work and SFX, so I learned a lot about that world (which has come in very handy on various subsequent shoots where production didn't have an FX supervisor on set).  I just found out that it'll be showing at the Action on Film International Film Festival this August, for what it's worth.

Shot on the RED One MX with EF mount lenses.  Directed by Neil Johnson.  An awesome soundtrack by Charles-Henri Avelange.


Real Estate commercial

I spent a week up in Seattle shooting an ad for a commercial real estate developer.  We shot on RED Dragon with a set of Zeiss Super Speeds MkII.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could shoot 6K HD on the 18mm without any noticeable vignetting.  The fast lenses came in handy in some of the large spaces we were shooting with a minimal lighting package.

The Dragon sensor continues to amaze me.  Highlight rolloff is beautiful and I have had to readjust how I view the onboard monitor, as what I see gives me a different result than the Epic MX sensor did.  There is so much more detail in the shadows that I never would have captured before.  I'm super happy with the upgrade so far.  The only downside is some magenta noise in the shadows at higher ISO, but RED apparently has a fix coming in the next week.  In testing, I saw some magenta noise at 800, so I tried to rate most of this shoot around 320-500 ISO to keep the noise levels to a minimum.


JOSEPH's Toiletries commercial

This is a commercial I shot this week for JOSEPH's Toiletries, a luxury goods company from Switzerland/Europe that is looking to break into the US market.  It was shot in a single night, using the Canon C300 as well as the RED Dragon, both on Canon EF mount compatible lenses.  For lighting we had a 1.2K HMI, a pair of 2K pars, and an Arri set, with a 1K, two 650s, and a 300.

The client wanted the final product in black and white and in scope ratio.  We shot the C300 at 1920x1080 in C-Log at a 1.78 ratio, but with guides for scope, and the onboard monitor in b/w mode.  The Dragon was shot RED RAW 6K WS (2.37:1), 7:1 compression, and saturation turned down to 0 for the b/w.

Shooting, we shot some 23.98 as well as some slow motion (36, 48, and 96 FPS).  I tried to keep the Dragon around ISO 320-500 for a super clean image.  We had a couple fast lenses (F1.2-1.8) that helped out.  The C300 hit ISO 1600-2000 for a select couple of shots, but generally lived in the same range as the Dragon.