JOSEPH's Toiletries commercial

This is a commercial I shot this week for JOSEPH's Toiletries, a luxury goods company from Switzerland/Europe that is looking to break into the US market.  It was shot in a single night, using the Canon C300 as well as the RED Dragon, both on Canon EF mount compatible lenses.  For lighting we had a 1.2K HMI, a pair of 2K pars, and an Arri set, with a 1K, two 650s, and a 300.

The client wanted the final product in black and white and in scope ratio.  We shot the C300 at 1920x1080 in C-Log at a 1.78 ratio, but with guides for scope, and the onboard monitor in b/w mode.  The Dragon was shot RED RAW 6K WS (2.37:1), 7:1 compression, and saturation turned down to 0 for the b/w.

Shooting, we shot some 23.98 as well as some slow motion (36, 48, and 96 FPS).  I tried to keep the Dragon around ISO 320-500 for a super clean image.  We had a couple fast lenses (F1.2-1.8) that helped out.  The C300 hit ISO 1600-2000 for a select couple of shots, but generally lived in the same range as the Dragon.

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