Real Estate commercial

I spent a week up in Seattle shooting an ad for a commercial real estate developer.  We shot on RED Dragon with a set of Zeiss Super Speeds MkII.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I could shoot 6K HD on the 18mm without any noticeable vignetting.  The fast lenses came in handy in some of the large spaces we were shooting with a minimal lighting package.

The Dragon sensor continues to amaze me.  Highlight rolloff is beautiful and I have had to readjust how I view the onboard monitor, as what I see gives me a different result than the Epic MX sensor did.  There is so much more detail in the shadows that I never would have captured before.  I'm super happy with the upgrade so far.  The only downside is some magenta noise in the shadows at higher ISO, but RED apparently has a fix coming in the next week.  In testing, I saw some magenta noise at 800, so I tried to rate most of this shoot around 320-500 ISO to keep the noise levels to a minimum.

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